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HEALTHE EXTRAS Success for Dr Carmella Law

Dr Carmella Law has always aspired to attain a better level of musculo-skeletal health, following her diagnosis of hypermobile ligaments in her younger years, which led to loose joints and deteriorating muscle tone around the joints.

In her 60s, Carmella sustained major strain on her hip and knee joints and was referred to a physiotherapist by her Orthopaedic Surgeon. However she continued to sustain injuries until she found hydrotherapy. In 2020 when her local Hydrotherapy pool closed down, Carmella came across Hirondelle Private Hospital. After originally attending the day program she now continues her therapy through the HEALTHE EXTRAS service.

“In 2013 I started leading a medical research project where I perform surgical procedures with an operating microscope. This is a heavy piece of equipment which I am required to push to reposition. Initially I found this difficult particularly when operating for several hours. Since starting the HEALTHE EXTRAS Programs at Hirondelle Private Hospital, I have found it easier to manage these actions at work.”


“Prior to starting Hirondelle’s HEALTHE EXTRAS Program, I was doing my own thing and noticed that I didn’t make much progress in terms of building strength and stamina. The physiotherapists and allied health team at Hirondelle have provided me with valuable advice on how to prevent damage to my joints, how to manage the early stresses and strains on the joints and the next steps to keep strengthening my muscles. I am glad I followed the advice of the team to move on to group gym sessions after stabilising the muscles around my joints with hydrotherapy, as this has accelerated my progress and results.”

“My advice to others would be to make strength training a lifelong habit, particularly in the later years, rather than waiting for injury or surgery. Most people think that walking their 10,000 steps is enough. I try to convince them that while it is better than nothing, it is not enough to prevent muscle loss.”

“For those who are interested in enhancing their well-being by strengthening their body, I would definitely encourage them to attend Hirondelle’s HEALTHE EXTRAS Programs alongside maintaining a good protein intake. Hirondelle provides the programs you need with the guidance of a professional allied health team, in a supportive environment.”