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Ian Wellard regains mobility and independence at Hirondelle Day Rehabilitation

Ian Wellard attended Hirondelle’s Day Rehab program following major back surgery including a disc decompression and spinal fusion in August 2020. Ian spent 10 days in RNS Private for post-operative recovery followed by 10 days in Hirondelle as a rehabilitation inpatient before joining the Day Rehab program.

“I attended Hirondelle’s Day Program for 7 weeks in total. For the first 4 weeks I attended Day Rehab once a week, which then increased to 2 sessions per week with one session broken into 1 hour physio and 1 hour hydrotherapy.

“Learning when and how to activate core muscles and using your glutes to support your back were the most important activities I learnt. Simple activities like bending over, putting my shoes and socks on, any simple housework or gardening chores were not possible post op and prior to attending the day rehab program. However the day program allowed me to build up my core strength, allowing me to regain my mobility and independence.

“The physios are excellent at tailoring exercises to assist each patient's recovery. They gradually introduce more challenging exercises that help you to progress from lying, to sitting and then to standing activities. I found the exercises simple enough to repeat at home without requiring any special equipment.

“The day rehab program played a major role in my recovery. I would not have been as diligent with my recovery if I did not attend day rehab and have access to excellent allied health staff who guide your recovery. They also advise you of pain to be expected during your recovery and how to manage it, which is reassuring.

“I cannot praise the Hirondelle Day Rehab program highly enough. Combined with hard work the program has allowed me to recover from my back operation as best I could. Many, many thanks to Cora, Kevin, Nate, Fiona and Ed!"