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Richard Kell sets and achieves goals at Hirondelle Day Rehabilitation

Richard Kell (82) attended the Day Rehab program at Hirondelle Private Hospital following a knee replacement and made an impressive recovery.

“I had my operation at the Mater Hospital and commenced rehab at Hirondelle immediately on discharge, about one week after my operation. I attended day rehab for 8 weeks, with two sessions each week. My knee improved markedly in all aspects: strength, flexibility (knee bend and straightening), balance, ease of walking: as well as my overall fitness and strength.

“My favourite components of the program were the setting of goals and progressive measurement against these by the Hirondelle rehab team: distance walked in given time, knee bend angle, stand ups against time, weights lifted, etc. By this technique, I could see that I was improving and this was supervised and encouraged by the rehab team. I pushed myself to improve, and saw the benefits. I also enjoyed the hydrotherapy sessions.

“I highly recommend Hirondelle’s rehabilitation programs. I’ve had both knees replaced, 5 years apart, and undertook post op day rehab both times. Under the guidance of the Allied Health team, day rehab has enabled me to quickly return to normal living and eliminate pain. I was so impressed by the benefits of Hirondelle’s post-operative rehab program that I have joined the Healthe Extras Day Fitness Program for seniors, and I’m now enjoying the benefits of the ongoing fitness program with the Hirondelle team.”