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742 Inpatient Admissions 2020
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53 Hospital Beds
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2,088 Day Patients 2020
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6 Credentialed Doctors

Latest news

Ian Wellard 2

Ian Wellard regains mobility and independence at Hirondelle Day Rehabilitation

Ian Wellard attended Hirondelle’s Day Rehab program following major back surgery including a disc decompression and spinal fusion in August 2020. Ian spent 10 days in RNS Private for post-operative recovery followed by 10 days in Hirondelle as a rehabilitation inpatient before joining the Day Rehab program.

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Richard Kell

Richard Kell sets and achieves goals at Hirondelle Day Rehabilitation

Richard Kell (82) attended the Day Rehab program at Hirondelle Private Hospital following a knee replacement and made an impressive recovery.

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Dr Law 2 Copy

HEALTHE EXTRAS Success for Dr Carmella Law

Dr Carmella Law has always aspired to attain a better level of musculo-skeletal health, following her diagnosis of hypermobile ligaments in her younger years, which led to loose joints and deteriorating muscle tone around the joints.

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Capture 6

Staying Open – Hirondelle to support medical patients during the Christmas and New Year Period

Hirondelle Private Hospital will remain open during the Christmas and New Year period, to provide much needed medical and rehabilitation services to the North Shore community.

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