Mental Health Care

iMH is providing an innovative model of private mental health care.

Specialised, high quality mental health care

iMH is providing an innovative model of private mental health care. It will complement Aurora Healthcare private mental health hospitals and expand the variety of services that we offer.

iMH proudly provides mental health treatment and services for patients across the age spectrum from adolescents to older persons.

Key specialty areas of focus include mood disorders, adolescent and adult mental health, addictive disorders, personality disorders and anxiety disorders.

The iMH patient experience

What can a patient expect when receiving mental health care from iMH?

  • An integrated inpatient and out-of-hospital care that helps a patients access support when and where they need it 
  • Flexible care pathways enables tailored treatment journeys, where the care setting can be adjusted during the admission to facilitate treatment delivery in the setting
    best suited to patient recovery and treatment progress
  • Continuity of care across private hospital and community settings 
  • Maintained patient connection to their everyday life as far as possible during their admission and treatment
  • Patients will be collaborative partners in care with their mental health journey and will be supported by their treating Psychiatrist and the clinical care team